Phil will fight for quality education for all students

Phil believes that a child’s zip code should not dictate their destiny, and that every child deserves a high-quality education. Phil is deeply committed to improving and investing in Ohio schools. Phil is also focused on ensuring that universities, community colleges, and trade and technical programs are more affordable. READ MORE.

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Phil will create economic opportunity for all Ohioans

In the Ohio House of Representatives, Phil championed job creation, workforce development, and small businesses. As a freshman legislator, Phil authored his first bill, HB 4, and witnessed Governor Mike DeWine sign it into law. HB 4 streamlines the process of developing industry-recognized certificate programs and connects businesses with hard-working Ohioans and training programs for middle-class-pathway jobs. READ MORE.



Phil will expand access to quality healthcare

Phil believes that every Ohioan should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. Today, too many Ohioans face a choice between being able to afford a trip to the doctor and paying their bills. While recent reforms helped to improve healthcare, there is still far more work to be done to lower drug costs and ensure all Ohioans have access to care. READ MORE.