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Phil improves quality education for all Ohio students


Phil believes that a child’s zip code should not dictate their destiny, and that every child deserves a high-quality education. Phil is deeply committed to investing in and improving Ohio schools. Phil is also focused on ensuring that universities, community colleges, and trade and technical programs are more affordable and accessible.


As the Ranking Member on the Primary and Secondary Education Committee, Phil worked to expand access to quality education for all Ohio students. Phil supported the 2019 state budget that made the largest investment in K-12 education in recent history, including a $625 million increase for wraparound care services.

Phil voted to create new graduation requirements, providing more pathways to a diploma, in addition to standardized testing. He worked to pass legislation to raise teacher salaries and provide a $250 deduction for out-of-pocket work-related expenses for teachers.


Phil co-sponsored legislation to overhaul Ohio’s public school funding formula, which the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled four different times to be unconstitutional. During his second term, Phil passed a bipartisan bill to revamp Third Grade Testing requirements, including eliminating retention.

When it comes to education, Phil understands how important access and opportunity are to ensure children are set up for success. 


If re-elected, Phil Robinson will continue working to:

Expand kindergarten
to full day throughout the state

Ensure that every family has the opportunity to receive a high quality K-12 education no matter their zip code, socioeconomic status, or race

Invest in early     childhood education, including universal Pre-K for all three- and four-year-old children

Increase access to trade, technical, and workforce training programs. 

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