Phil will create economic opportunity for all Ohioans

As the son of two entrepreneurs, Phil understands that the key to growing our economy and providing more opportunity is building the right environment for job creation.


While the backbone of the state’s economy is small businesses, current state leadership continues to focus its efforts and incentives on large corporations, often pitting communities against each other to keep businesses within city lines.


Meanwhile, Ohio household incomes are not increasing and families are struggling to afford the rising costs of education, housing, and healthcare. There has been little focus on creating jobs with higher salaries or at least fair wages.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, Phil championed job creation, workforce development, and small businesses. As a freshman legislator, Phil authored his first bill, HB 4, and witnessed Governor Mike DeWine sign it into law. HB 4 streamlines the process of developing industry-recognized certificate programs and connects businesses with hard-working Ohioans and training programs for middle-class-pathway jobs.

Phil voted for tax cuts for middle-class Ohioans. Also, Phil passed a bill to protect emergency medical workers, police officers, and firefighters suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder by making them eligible for compensation and benefits regardless of whether they already suffer from an accompanying injury.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Phil voted to change unemployment laws, including removing waiting periods, changing eligibility, and waiving work requirements.

If re-elected, Phil Robinson will continue to work to:

Expand access to trade, technical, and job-training programs

Provide better tax incentives and loans to small businesses

Incentivize young families and workers to stay in Ohio

Restore the Consumer Sales Practices Act, including enforcing wage and hour
laws and equal pay for equal work

Raise the state minimum wage with a legal requirement to annually adjust the wage based on inflation