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Phil will fight for equal opportunities for all Ohioans


Phil believes our government should work for all citizens, regardless of their race, sex, or zip code. Phil is committed to protecting voting access, addressing healthcare inequalities,  expanding access to quality and affordable healthcare, working towards addressing income equality, and supporting a more just and inclusive Ohio.


In the Ohio House of Representatives, Phil co-sponsored legislation to make voting more accessible, including expanding vote-by-mail by automatically sending a ballot with prepaid return postage to every registered voter, extending provisional ballot and absentee ballot error correction period, expanding access to online voter registration, and allowing counties to have multiple secure drop-boxes in the communities where voters can drop their ballot in person. 


Phil believes every Ohioan should have access to quality and affordable healthcare. In the Ohio General Assembly, Phil co-sponsored legislation to ensure the protection of coverage for pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits, regardless of the status of the Affordable Care Act. Phil secured $70 million for home-visit programs for newborns to reduce infant mortality rates. He secured $18 million for programs to address mental health and substance abuse, and voted to send $22 million to local Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Boards for crisis support for families.


Phil will fight for everyone’s right to achieve the American Dream –  no matter where they live, what they look like, or where they worship.

If re-elected, Phil Robinson will continue to work to:

  • Protect the right to free and fair elections, including making voting more accessible

  • Expand access to quality, affordable healthcare to every Ohioan

  • Support LGBTQ+ non-discrimination and the Ohio Fairness Act

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