Phil will expand access to quality healthcare

Phil believes that every Ohioan should have access to affordable and quality healthcare.


Today, too many Ohioans face a choice between being able to afford a trip to the doctor and paying their bills. While recent reforms helped to improve healthcare, there is still far more work to be done to lower drug costs and ensure all Ohioans have access to care.


In the wake of COVID-19, it is clear that we must expand access to health care in order to save lives.

In the Ohio General Assembly, Phil co-sponsored legislation to ensure the protection of coverage for pre-existing conditions and essential health benefits, regardless of the status of the Affordable Care Act.

Phil secured $70 million for home-visit programs for newborns to reduce infant mortality rates. Also, Phil secured $18 million for programs to address mental health and substance abuse, and voted to send $22 million to local Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Boards for crisis support for families.

If re-elected, Phil will continue to work to:

Expand access to quality, affordable health care to every Ohioan, including those with pre-existing conditions

Reduce the cost of prescription drugs

Expand affordable healthcare to veterans, women, and working families